It turned out beyond amazing.

“As satisfied customers of Stone Valley Landscaping & Maintenance Inc., we have witnessed a transformational change in our backyard. It has gone from a dated traditional backyard to a luxurious living space. Curtis Hillier (President) and Jim Brown (Vice-president) are visionary in their design, while at the same time listening to the customer. They were extremely patient with us as we selected our choice in a stone wall, patio flagstone and building structures. Being so knowledgeable Curtis and Jim provide insight on what materials and products would work best. The carpentry and fencing crew were unbelievably talented in creating benching and privacy blinds. The quality of the workmanship is superior to none, with all crews being experienced in their particular areas. The long days put in by all of the teams allowed the project to be completed on time. We have found each of the crews to be skilled, respectful and hardworking. All under the close supervision and hands on efforts of Curtis and Jim, carefully managing the project.  As we were so pleased with the backyard project, we had Stone Valley Landscaping & Maintenance Inc. renovate the front entrance. It turned out beyond amazing.  We are looking forward to entertaining family and friends in these beautiful outdoor living spaces.”

Frank & Leslie Graham